Youth ACT Spain - Madrid Group


Our Mission
Youth ACT Madrid’s mission is to bring an educational opportunity to young people from the refugee camps. The project was born from the desire of helping refugee citizens in Madrid. We understood that the best way to help other people is to delve deeper into their history and walk alongside them. Due to this, we aim to establish a connection and a personal link between the young Saharawi`s and the members of EDIW-Galaxia. The use of new technologies to assure an environment of motivation that can guarantee individual and group formation. And last but not least, to offer them educational tools in order to help them to develop their own future and guide them through their dreams and aspirations.
Our Vision
Youth ACT Madrid’s vision is to do our bit to encourage young Saharawi’s who have less resources and opportunities, who are suffering the consequences from the war, but who still have dreams and desires to learn.
Past Activities
Since the group decided to create this project, we have done different activities. First of all, we carry out the project writing of eBridge and we organized a meeting to share the bases of the project with the entity that provided us with the money for the tablets.
Since that day we have done many logistic operations in order to get ready for the launch of the pilot project in the summer. This pilot was a success so at the beginning of September we organized different meetings in order to get to know more people who would help us in this project, giving classes to the Saharawi’s.
Future Activities
In the near future, we plan to continue giving classes but our big dream is to make our work something permanent. So next generations and more children would have this opportunity to learn and use technologies they do not normally own.
Our goal is to positively impact the lives of the young Saharawi’s. motivating them to dream big and give them the tools to achieve them.