Youth ACT Peru - Lima Group


We are cheerful, helpful, enthusiastic and committed young people in order to promote the common good in society, who live in the San Juan de Lurigancho District, in the Mariscal Cáceres urbanization, Human Settlements. During this time we have been training and contrasting our theoretical learning with the reality of the San Juan de Lurigancho district, to work on a future project that responds to the needs of our area. As a group we have the following objectives:

  • Training of citizen leaders who respond in society through active participation.
  • Correctly inform the concepts of the problem so that young people recognize and are aware of the reality they live.

Due to the current situation, it was considered fruitful to work on the training of young people, so as a group we have been learning more about the area where we are going to work. The aforementioned was worked with the young leaders of the EDIW PERÚ group. By exchanging knowledge, the EDIW-PERÚ group also consolidated as a fraternal family, committed to its area, district, community, and society.

The logo of our group represents the feeling that, as young people, we have in our hands the ability to have a positive impact on society and contribute to building a fairer and more humane world. Peru is currently going through a series of conflicts on a political, economic and social level. We as young people believe that we can achieve real change, with justice and solidarity. The change begins with us and we continue to grow and prepare to achieve what we want for our country.

We want to use our Instagram account to share content that edifies and contributes to improving the quality of life of young people, for example: deep motivational phrases, reflections on various topics, training routines, among others, all with the purpose of share our experience and encourage others to participate in the group.

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