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We are a group of young people from different states of Mexico, who intend to raise awareness about aging and the factors that intervene during this stage, in order to support this vulnerable sector within our country, promote prevention education for quality of the life of the elderly, since it is an issue little attended within our country and to generate an analysis of the situation we are experiencing as a society and the way in which we prepare to face old age.

Older adults are an important part of our society, since they are the basis and guide within families, their experiences enrich our experiences and their wisdom allows us to learn to make better decisions throughout life.

In Mexico, the population aged 60 and over is a socially and economically vulnerable sector, since it is estimated that about 47% live in poverty, and between 20 and 30 percent suffer physical, psychological, economic or abandonment violence […]

Currently, it is estimated that the world population of older adults will double by 2050, showing a less than encouraging picture, since we believe that the population is not fully prepared to face old age, due to the lack of education towards the transition for this stage of life. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to prevention in the quality of life for a satisfactory aging.

Our group is called “Zamná nool”, Mayan words that mean “Wise grandfather”. Currently, as a participant group in Youth Act Mexico – States, we are carrying out phase 1 of the project; This phase refers to the actions to be implemented for the prevention of satisfactory aging, factors to be taken into account for comprehensive care in old age and for their caregivers. For this, we are creating a program aimed at young people, family members, caregivers and people who make up the environment of the elderly, in order to carry it out in different organizations, centers and institutions in the country.

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