Youth ACT Italy Group


At EDIW, we value diversity. We pride ourselves of having members from 4 continents: Africa, America, Asia and Europe.
We are now present in four Italian cities: Rome, Rossano, Turin and Milan. Currently, EDIW Italy is working with Insieme, an Italian  NGO based in Rossano with representatives also in Rome.

Ediw Italia is multicultural group of  between 18 and 35 years old. The majority are second generation young migrants, who were born and raised in Italy but have foreign origins.

The group started in  April (2014) thanks to the cooperation between the Philippine Embassy in  Rome, the Associazione Stranieri Lavoratori in Italia (ASLI) and the  Education for an Interdependent World (Ediw) with a project proposal  called “Filipino Gaining Ground’ (GG) ‘ with the mission of  helping the newly- arrived young Filipinos to be integrated in  the italian society.   One of its first projects was to write a non-published guide for  newly arrived young Filipino immigrants. This is to show them  the sites and possibilities, and teach them common phrases to get around Rome.

As EDIW youth in Rome,  it participated  in EDIW’s  first youth Erasmus  capacity building project Roots and Wings under a grant of the European Commission –  In  this project,  GG  met other youth participants who shared the same vision and dreams as they had . From being only an Italo – Filipino second generation youth group, it expanded to include  others … from Pakistan, Nigeria, Italy and later incorporated other young people from Ecuador and Peru , the Democratic Republic of the Congo,  who for the most part have been faithful to now called EDIW Italy. From the beginning the group participated in a systematic training on leadership facilitated by the EDIW team in Rome.

EDIW has significant experience in non-formal learning with young people. Many of our projects deal with issues related to motivation and commitment to society. We believe that boosting the motivation and confidence in the members of the group itself can also lead changes outside the group.

We have participated and promoted a number of projects that developed skills in a number of areas in order to better fulfill our jobs/studies and engage in new areas of interest and be able to exit our comfort zone.

  • In 2014, a number of youth-led organizations and universities with Ediw developed and participated in two projects: One Dare + on skills development in a non-formal learning (coordinated by the University of Granada). The second project was integration without borders coordinated by the University of Olomouc on competences for integration of minorities.
  • In 2015, we participated in a youth capacity building project funded by the EU Roots and Wings, a project (coordinated by EDIW) for learning the particularly relevant mathematics to avoid school dropout. It was exactly during this project that EDIW Italy started to expand.
  • In 2017 we participated in Youth for Dialogue  a global initiative in the field of dialogue between different cultures.
  • In 2019 we participated (and still participating) in Y-Act, an European funded project which deals with competences on democratic values and civic participation among young people from  EU and America. While learning to write projects , the group is also looking into possibilities of working with marginalized young people in Italy .  They have participated  in different mobility experiences in  Madrid, Rome and Brussels.

In all of these projects, motivation and social leadership are at the center. EDIW Italy partipated in supporting with other youth members of Y4D in writing an oral statement in support of the UN Global Compact for a Regular and Safe Migration together with other EDIWs youth. We also participated to develop the international Academy of Social Leadership inspired by Pedro Poveda recognised by Unesco as a “Humanist and a Educator”.

The main objectives of the group are: to be aware of the realities and needs of society and search for appropriate means and training to be part of the solution. Its members share common cultural and social interests, commitment to study and profession and a real desire to make a difference as young people in the society they move in.

We work towards developing ourselves as responsible citizens, active in the building of common good, the promotion of justice and peace and in making better the living conditions for people suffering from the consequences of marginalization.

We want to become agents of social transformation in the pursuit of a better future for all; to weave networks of fraternity in the face of the diversity to respect creation, to live in hope, in this fragile and changing society.

At the present, is now part of a bigger group called Youth’s Act . We want the legacy of our work to be passed on to the next generation of members and serve as an inspiration. In the last seven years of hard work, each one contributes and contributed in sharing their dreams and making them come true making a difference in our society, we want to highlight to of our activities. 

A guide for Filipino young immigrants, a photo exhibition/contest event in Rome at the Villino Ximenes. The theme was “Dreams of the Immigrant Youth”. And whole night prayer for the peace among others.