Youth ACT Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo Group


We are a group of young professionals from the Dominican Republic, who, driven by the desire to change our realities for the better and motivated by projects and ideals to strengthen leadership in the young population, we join EDIW (Education for an Interdependent World) to train ourselves, obtain and offer new tools that are useful to us when carrying out positive changes in favor of improving our reality.

We are currently in the process of expansion and we have young people from different provinces of the country such as La Concepción de La Vega, Santiago and Santo Domingo. As a group we have experienced great challenges that have allowed us to strengthen ourselves over time and the very situation in our country has led us to become more empathetically and analytically involved in social problems.

As young people aware of our social reality, we have analyzed our environment and found unfavorable situations for the collective future; After having analyzed different problems, we have identified with the young unemployed population, since we have agreed that this group is decisive and if it is not taken into account it could become the majority, which directly affects the social reality of our country.

As a group we have among our objectives, to generate changes at the level of consciousness, in addition to providing valuable information that allows us not only to educate, but also to stand up to know our rights and in this way empower young people so that they can obtain different perspectives of their realities and in this way generate a positive impact on our society.

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