Youth ACT Brasil - Taquaritinga Group


In Taquaritinga, a city in the interior of the state of São Paulo, in Brazil, there is a Youth Act group in which 16 young people committed and motivated to make a difference in the reality they live participate.

Currently, the Youth Act Taquaritinga is developing work with women in situations of social vulnerability. The purpose is to generate visibility to the difficulties faced by this minority through social networks and the printing press. In this way, the internet and the media can positively influence the municipal population, being an effective tool for the generation and dissemination of learning, especially at this very complex time of a pandemic. Thus, the mission of the Taquaritinga group is to directly contact these women, listen to them and produce educational documentaries. The latest video produced is titled “Strong women and decision making” and is available on Instagram @youthacttaquaritinga.

Given these actions, Brazilian society is expected to mobilize on what it is to be a woman in Brazil and how social inequalities in the country continue to be striking and serious. It is necessary to give voice and turn to these women, who almost never had the opportunity to express themselves and decide for themselves. The Y.A. Taquaritinga believes that it is extremely important to fight so that they occupy the place of protagonists in their own lives and have all their rights guaranteed. 

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