Youth ACT Brasil - Sapucaia Group


The Youth Act Sapucaia group is one of the three existing nuclei in Brazil, located in the interior of the state of Rio de Janeiro. We are a group currently made up of nine members, among them students of the most varied courses, ranging from the area of ​​education, through law and engineering to the area of ​​health. This is a group of many and different life experiences, we are very friendly with each other, which when working, facilitates our communication, our development and growth as individuals and as a group.

Since the beginning of 2020 it was possible to extract many positive points with the proposal of the Youth Act project and implement the lessons learned in our lives. When we approached Action and Participation in the first semester, we learned the importance of creating real personal and professional goals, which can be achieved within our reality. In the second semester, working with Information and Communication, we saw that with the ability to transmit a message with honesty and efficiency, added to attentive listening, we are able to make our voice reach everywhere, and thus who knows, motivate more and more people to do the same. With the last topic that we have studied so far, Decision Making, we can say that we have matured in an impressive way, because when we talk about this topic, we remember our past, we realize where the choices we made yesterday made it possible for us. today. We don’t regret it, but we do grow. This is the correct word. We have grown more than ever, and to be able to look at our life today, with all the qualities and defects it has, with all the mistakes and successes that we have made, we are determined not to give up. Don’t stop trying, taking risks, starting over, living and experiencing what the future holds.

For the fourth and last semester of the Project, we hope that it will be possible to produce a documentary about the minority group with which we, the three groups in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Taquaritinga and Sapucaia) have chosen to work: women in situations of social vulnerability . This idea arose from an incredible work carried out by the group from Taquaritinga – São Paulo, which, wh ile causing us some sadness and many reflections, filled us with hope as we saw how women in precarious situations fight every day for the place they it corresponds to them even little by little. Our intention is for the documentary to be broadcast to people from different parts of the globe and that is why we will try to publish it on social networks and other media.

Finally, I leave you with a phrase once said and used in the last Webinar of the project by the participants of YA Sapucaia: “… young people with better education, health and deserved investment, are capable of transforming reality, if not the destination of your country “.

Participants: Osmair Ribeiro, Aloísio Alves, Letícia Fortes, Noemi Santiago, Matheus Carvalho, Vitor Lemos, Raiane Moreti, José Roberto Muniz y Marcelo Coutinho.

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