Youth ACT Brasil - Rio de Janeiro Group


The Youth Act Project began in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in November 2019. We are a group of young university students and recent graduates from different areas of study (Administration, Cinema, Law and Design) who have a common goal: to be a force of change in the reality we live in.

Throughout the project, we had the opportunity to focus on the training of the members, studying topics such as participation, the decision-making process, communication and information. In addition, in the seminars we found an atmosphere of exchange of perspectives and experiences, which inspired and encouraged us to be more critical and to raise awareness among those around us.

We had started the project with the idea of ​​working with a sensitive issue in our country – religious intolerance. However, with the pandemic and changes in the world, the group decided to take a step back, once many of the ideas we had for this action plan would be unfeasible due to restrictive and social distancing measures. It was in this second moment of looking at reality that we realized one more experience that we had in common: the fight for women’s rights.

After some meetings with the two other Brazilian groups, Taquaritinga and Sapucaia, we decided to unite the three cities in a single project. From this union arose the choice of the minority group: women in situations of social vulnerability. Thinking about the action plan, due to the opportunity for a wide dissemination of content, we decided to use the space of social networks to generate more impact for the cause. Therefore, the Brazilian team intends to produce a documentary that has these narratives as its centre, giving voice and calling the viewer to act, thus creating a network of help and transformation.