Youth ACT Brussels Group


Our EDIW Brussels group is an association of young internationals from all origins and educations, who’ve received a frame to act for the ideal society they have the intent to live in. The group of Brussels was created towards the end of 2017. We are 9 members in the group. The members have been quite volatile since most of them are here for studies or work for a very short duration.

The oldest member of the group who has contributed to a lot to the group in previous project “Youth for Dialogue” and is still with us is Khaola. Most of the others have been with the group for about two years or less Magda, Emi, Maria, Sophia, Theo, Donal, Yann and Chafik. Most of the group members live in Brussels with a few in Leuven. Meetings have been mostly via Zoom over the last few months.

Our group has decided to focus on homeless people, who are a forsaken category and at the same time one of the most accessible. We’re more focused on enhancing the lives of the poor and homeless who face challenges and struggles in their day to day lives for essential needs. The group’s idea is to provide the homeless a platform where they can share their stories for their voices to be heard and responded to. We strive to be the invisible homeless people’s medium of communication to everyone who can act for the betterment of life but don’t realize as they are invisible. We chose this community because they are vulnerable, approachable, affected by Corona, neglected by society &also by the government. And we want to make a positive impact. We want our decisions to add value to the society. We journeyed thru the decision making process by listening to everyone’s opinion, respecting the opinion of the majority, allowing a common reflection, having rich debates and learning to accept.

Our ultimate goal is that people trust our online platform and have the desire to help the individual, or this social group in general in the days to come. We have managed to converse with a few homeless people to know more about them and we have witnessed some of them leaving the streets for a better quality of life. We have observed that they are also interested in telling their stories to the world if that could help them have a better life or just help them live in a better place.

At the moment, we’re working on the development of our online platform where we will be able to post stories of the homeless people in the form of videos. The online platform will also have other information which will help the homeless people have access to their basic needs like food, shelter home for woman/children. We will act as a bridge between the homeless people and social associations who come forward to help them in different ways. We hope to build the trust and confidence with which we can help as many as possible.