Created in 1995 The National University of Lanús has achieved some important partnership experiences. A good example of it is the latest Doctorate in Education, organized in coordination with another two Argentinean institutions: the National University of Tres de Febrero and National University of San Martín. It is a part of an Interinstitutional Program of a Doctorate in Education with students from different parts of the country. .The university also participated as Partners on two Erasmus Mundus Programs: “A Move on Education”, coordinated by Universidad de Malaga; and “Europlata”, coordinated by the University of Groningen. It  is  a pioneer institution offering Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and Bachelor in Environmental Studies.  The National University of Lanús participates since 2005 in Tuning Latin America.

The National University of Lanus will offer in YOUTH ACT a perspective of a National University from Latin America.  The second role of the National University of Lanus will be to contribute to the academic program in the Seminars of Madrid and Lima together with the University of, Deusto, EDIW, and the Instituto de Estudios Superiores of Santo Domingo and the external experts invited for this purpose. The main contribution will relate to their specialization in comprehensive approaches to social issues at the community level. It will also be in charge, together with IESP from Santo Domingo to follow up the quality project development.