NOVAMERICA is a non-profit civil society that started its activities in 1991. Its headquarters are located in the city of Rio de Janeiro. It acts in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro and in municipalities in the interior of the state of Rio de Janeiro and collaborates with centres, civil society organizations and public-sector bodies in other Brazilian states. It also carries out joint projects, works and consultancies with centres and organizations from other Latin American countries. It aims to promote the construction of democracy as a way of life and participation in civil society, favouring the development of a Latin American conscience and an ethic of solidarity, stimulating the recognition and appreciation of different cultures, both nationally and internationally, through the promotion of educational and cultural oriented processes in  the formation of different social multiplying agents, primarily, belonging to popular and excluded groups. It aims to deepen   the analysis and debate on the current Latin American reality in a multidisciplinary, multi-ethnic and multicultural perspective specifically in Popular Education and Citizenship Education.

NOVAMERICA will facilitate one of the 14 groups that will be at the root of the project. They will participate in all types of mobility, including immersion and UN participation. They will also offer space for some aspects of Youth-ACT in the journal that issues for more than 20 years.