ISESP, Dominican Republic

The Instituto Superior de Estudios Educativos Pedro Poveda is an independent non-profit organisation, a Specialized Institute in Educational Sciences under the National Council of HE Science and Technology. The mission of the organisation is oriented towards the formation and training of educators and  provides a platform for socio-educational research in a democratic, participatory and holistic process that promotes the construction of critical meaningful knowledge oriented to the country’s change towards the improvement of the teaching practice in the Dominican  Republic.

ISESP will be responsible for representing the perspective of a small country in the Caribbean context, with high degrees of poverty  It is committed to foster democratic values which could bring the country into a more prosperous future.  It will be part of the team responsible for dealing with the issue of democratic values which is a theme high in its agenda and mission. It will contribute to The National University of Lanus to give the LA perspective to the theme and prepare quality frames for the project in the context of LA. it will be taking part in all types of mobility of young people for the International Seminars, the immersion period and the UN experience if the visa can be obtained which in the case will be quite difficult. It will provide backing for all learner’s activities of the local groups in Dominican Republic, support the online and face-to-face activities. It will follow the development of the groups and facilitate information and meeting spaces.