InteRed is a non-governmental organization founded in 1992 in Spain to work for a transformative education that generates the active and committed participation of all people in favour of justice, gender equity and social and environmental sustainability. It work for people and organizations from different countries and cultures, especially those whose rights are more violated. Some of the activities promoted by InteRed in Spain are: leadership of a group formed by 28 schools with the aim of promoting Education for Development and Global Citizenship,  development of educational materials about human rights, gender equality, living with non-violence, intercultural dimension. It sess itself as reference organisation on teachers’ formation Working with 17 Spanish Universities. In the “Movement Transforming Education and Global Citizenship”, with funds from the Spanish Government, It is also involved in Inclusive education campaigns and volunteer activities. InteRed is an organization accredited by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID.

InteRed will be hosting one of the 14 groups of young volunteers, interested in participation and advocacy. Young people from this group will take part in all the mobility activities in Youth-ACT including UN since they have a delegate who follows the theme of sustainable development in UN. But the main contribution of InteRed will be in the preparation of the immersion experience with a “pre” and “post” preparation online and an immediate preparation in Lima, before they start it. They have vast experience in accompanying people who work in different cultures with quality.