The Corporación Institución Educacional, Female University Residence, RUF, is linked to the field of formal and non-formal education. It was created by the supreme decree of the Ministry of Justice No. 3014 of December 29, 1933. its updated statutes in 2009, points to human promotion and social transformation, through Education and Culture, as its  rationale.   Inspired by the values of humanism it underscores the preferential option for the excluded and vulnerable  In the field of non-formal education the corporation highlights the project “Productive chains of Mapuche women” developing productive and organizational capacities of the recipients of the project, with the beneficiaries forming their own cooperative to market the  produced by them. It has also developed various training projects with young socio-cultural animators of urban neighbourhoods, during the years 2010-2015, in the Serena and Santiago regions through non-formal educational activities on rights issues.  It  developed recreation initiatives for children and young people in vulnerable situations. These activities were carried out in the Schools that the Corporation itself owns or in entities with which it collaborates. It often organises Colonies of Codao 2018 and it other parts of the country

RUF Chile will be hosting one of the groups where the experience of the roadmap will be experimented. It will also take part in the mobility schemes at all levels, both in the seminars, at the immersion period and also in the New York seminar and the UN. The corporation carries out a remarkable work with women and the members participating in this project will be able to contribute to the methodologies of empowering f women in projects such as   Productive Chains Project of Cunco Melipeuco Women by the RUF Corporation and the JUNAEB Planning Public policy Retention of Pregnant Students.