The Association “Insieme” was born to cope with a social emergency at the high-risk neighborhood of Rossano, at the behest of a group of friends, almost all professionals involved in the school and concerned about that situation. It organizes educational interventions with increasing r participation of volunteers. It was legally established as a “Volunteer Organization” en 14 September 1995. Its mission is to: promote the dissemination of a culture of human rights; offer cultural tools to alleviate situations of social hardship; foster a culture of legality and solidarity, support the reconstruction of the social fabric starting from the least privileged  in the logic of freedom  and solidarity; In the context of active citizenship five activities need to be emphasized Accompanying and promoting marginalized people, in particular, the Immigrants, School rehabilitation for pupils from socially distressed families at risk of school abandonment. In 2017 a new project was started “Territorial Anti-bullying Presidency of the Rossland hinterland” with four other Associations. In the program “Growing Together in Solidarity Citizenship” supported by Foundation with the South, twelve Associations of Rossano, Corigliano and Cassano have joined, and a continuity of collaboration has also been established. Another project on citizenship was “Costruiamo Ia Citta”, financed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, aimed at educating pupils of primary and secondary schools to legality and to active and responsible citizenship, and in The Coordination of the Municipal Council of young people in the city of Rossano. This could be an important contribution of INSIEME.

INSIEME is a new association participating in an EU Community Project and is expected to be contributing to Youth-ACT along the following lines: Hosting a group who will follow the programme in all its intensity and steps and contribute to the major activities and objectives of the project.  They will take part in all the mobility seminars of Madrid and Lima and will also send a member to Peru, Mexico o Bolivia for the immersion period, contributing, in this way to the systematisation of this experience. One of the members of the group will also take part in the UN experience. They will organise Disemination activities, given the broad spectrum of activities and the variety of groups and associations they are in touch with, one of the major roles of this organization will be to disseminate among them as well as in other parts of Italy where its activities are extended.