Institución Cultural Femenina Boliviana (ICFB) is a non-profit association dedicated to human promotion and social transformation through education, culture and the arts. It joins forces with other groups and organisations in promoting socio-educative processes that offer alternative education fostering the integral formation of children, adolescents and young people in situations of high risk through community organisation and animation. Through its projects ICFB nurtures the original cultures of the population specifically children of Quechua-speaking farmers.  It offers spaces and resources for professional training of adults and venues for the empowerment of women and indigenous groups. With income-generating activities and partnering with public and private entities such as NGOs, it supports projects such as Yachay Tinkuy ( teacher updating) , the Walina Library, Madre India, and Jalhuayco for community development and participation. Its University Residence: “Los Molles” offers educational programmes and activities located in the local borough.

 ICPB  will offer accompaniment and immersion to those participating in the activities carried out daily in the Waliña library, in-school support for children who attend it, in the toy library, in the psycho-pedagogical cabinet, and in the creation of cooperative games for the playroom. Apart from that, they will help preparing and implementing workshops for children, young people and adults, orientation and professional training. They will also host and facilitate one of the 14 groups of Youth-ACT. In fact, the group has already taken an important role in the Youth for Dialogue Project in seminar and immersion  activities.