The I.C.F.A. is a civil society organization present in Argentina since 1944.

This association dedicated to education in different spheres of society promotes educational and cultural projects and formation opportunities. Education is seen by  I.C.F.A. as fundamental and necessary in the formation of persons:  capable of looking at reality, open to it, with preparation to carry out an analysis of the social context and transform it in a positive sense with creative answers to social problems especially affecting excluded groups I I.C.F.A  sees education as  an instrument that contributes to the construction of peace as it  advocates social justice, reconciliation, solidarity, the common good, the social responsibility for all resources and the care of the environment.

One of the roles of the I.C.F.A in Youth ACT  will be to facilitate the development of the group participating in the project. I.C.F.A. will also organize the Coordinators meeting in Buenos Aires in September 2019. They will take part in mobility and in Mobility Seminars. This group will also follow the Y-ACT road map, organize activities of dissemination and search for the accomplishment of the objectives with the rest of the group.