Asociación Galaxia is an association dedicated to the development and empowerment of youth through the promotion and organization of a wide range of activities: personal development, music and arts, cultural expression, volunteer work, trips and intercultural knowledge, etc. In the last few years, Galaxia has been promoting the area of Social Entrepreneurship, not only through the study and divulgation of the topic among the youngsters and young professionals, but also through the promotion of concrete workshops and practical experiences at the local, national and international levels. Another strong area of development in Galaxia is the one of Volunteering, offering to the youth, experiences of volunteer work with refugees and immigrant persons at a local project, as well as international youth fieldwork in India, working at a rural NGO with different needed communities in the area of education, tailoring, social work and rural development.

Galaxia will be responsible for the first International Seminar which will take place in Madrid together with EDIW and for the dissemination sessions which will follow.  It will be part of the team responsible for the competences of teamwork and leadership. It will also be playing an important role for the preparation of youth mobility in Spain with young people in the project in Madrid. It will support the online and face-to-face activities of local. groups and facilitate information, meeting spaces and the development of both the learning community and the think-tank located in the country.