Digijeunes was set up in response to a lack of existing NGOs that specialize in utilizing digital sciences as a means to aid tackling social issues, more particularly, Digijeunes sets out to answer two major policy challenges identified by the commission as part of the Europe 2020 strategy to advance the EU economy,  (1) Promoting digital literacy, skills and inclusion (2) ICT-enabled benefits for EU society.

Digijeunes will host one of the groups for the development of competences and work them out in the ICT language to reach different target groups. One of them, related to their mission and connected to Youth-ACT will be young people at risk of digital exclusion to ICT-related topics. They will take part in the mobility and share in all the objectives. Other important contributions will be: (1)To run workshops for youth on several topics connected with digital and media education – digital citizenship, video making and editing, virtual reality and augmented reality. Training sessions targeting youth practitioners, to equip them with the skills and necessary degree of confidence to deliver hands-on, practical workshops on topics pertaining to computer science and digital technologies. In every mobility seminar there will be one of these workshops. It will also have a space in words and more than words in normal roadmap of the groups (2) To record the videos and other audiovisual material from the central sessions so that all can follow.