Committed to training in the university field, AUF  is the legal entity of  “Residencia Universitaria Femenina (RUF). It also supports several social projects in the field of education and culture with the promotion of the human person and the culture of the country. The RUF collaborates in the creation of a society that promotes respect and appreciation of interculturality.,  dialogue between faith and culture and assumes the values of the Mexican culture.  It seeks collaboration and exchange with other institutions and centres that have the same purposes. It is part of a network of residences at the international level that offers a study ambiance conducive to the needs of university students.  RUF provides an environment that fosters the residents’ personal growth and commitment to act from their profession in the service of justice and solidarity especially with the less-favoured groups and being inclusive with the people they deal with.

A  member  of the Youth for Dialogue a recent EDIW project, , AUF will be contributing to Youth-ACT along four different ways  Hosting a group who will follow the programme in all its intensity and steps and contribute to the major activities and objective It will host a group of people for the immersion period for two weeks in July. They will follow and tutor the experience contributing significantly since the last year they participated in the very successful immersion experience in Bolivia They will take part in all the mobility seminars and also will send a member to Peru for the immersion period, contributing, in this way to the systematisation of this experience. They will also contribute to ICT and video elaboration