The Association Les Marronniers is a civic non-profit association with its headquarter in Paris. It manages and supports a University Hall of Residence for students who come from all over the world and a meeting space “l’Espace Poveda”. In the Latin district of the city hosting moments of encounter, exhibitions on different topics and meetings of reflection and exchange. It also welcomes other associations that meet on its premises. Beyond a place of friendship and exchange it also organizes training and reflection meetings on current issues such ass the Islam-Christian dialogue, issues of bioethics; religion and the body, the body expression; non-violent management of conflicts; etc. Every summer, it organizes a few days of reflection, training and tourism.  It was a partner in EDIW’s Youth for Dialogue project,

Les Marronniers is a new association for participation in an EU Community Project and are expected to be contributing to Youth-ACT along the following lines:  Hosting a group who will follow the programme in all its intensity and steps and contribute to the major activities and objectives of the project. The experience already achieves informally will help the consolidation of the group where several young people have heard and participated in the activities contributing online. They will also be responsible for the dissemination of Youth Act and its activities. It takes part in all the mobility seminars of Madrid and Lima and will also send a member to either Peru, Mexico o Bolivia for the immersion period, contributing, in this way to the systematization of this experience. One of the members of the group will also take part in the UN experience.