The Associação Cultural Horizonte is a a non-profit association whose objectives are cultural and scientific enrichment of its members and others and to help to better professional training facilitating the exchange with other associations and cultural centres of a national and international character. To this effect, it organizes seminars, conferences, meetings to exchange experiences and projects in areas such as education in its broadest sense, the civic commitment that leads to dialogue, concern and effective work with disadvantaged groups of society, the role of women in the different cultures, promoting intercultural and interreligious dialogue..
These are the activities and experience of the Association: The promotion of women and the care of young people, their active presence in society occupying the rightful place, are goals that the Association promotes, being a frequent theme for reflection in meetings of members. The concern for the weakest groups is embodied in the project to support the study of children, adolescents and young people with learning difficulties, coming from disadvantaged or unprivileged families. They are supported by a group of young volunteers
Associação Cultural Horizonte is a new association for participation in an EU Community Project and is expected to be contributing to Youth-ACT along following lines: First. it will facilitate the development of a group who will follow the programme in all its intensity and steps and contribute to the major activities and objectives of the project. This is also the case of a group of people who knew about the project and wanted to develop their association and give it a more established dimension. It is a case of upscaling. Second, they will take part in all the mobility seminars of Madrid and Lima and will also send a member to Peru, Mexico o Bolivia for the immersion period, contributing, in this way to the systematisation of this experience. One of the members of the group will also take part in the UN. .The Association assumes the dissemination of the project in Portugal.