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Youth ACT is a capacity building project in the field of youth (CBY) within the framework of the Erasmus + program of the European Commission. The general objective of Youth ACT is to raise the level of awareness, capacity for joint action of young leaders to contribute to a broadening and deepening of the practice of democracy and democratic values, through quality non-formal training and fully accessible in civic participation …

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Youth Act/Ediw   Seminar  Experience on GLOBAL  PARTICIPATION

In the midst of a world so torn by violence, indifference, division …, a light shines in New York City

The launch of the programme: from the preparatory meetings to the Madrid International Seminar

The first international seminar took place in Madrid, Spain, in February 2020. It was attended by young coordinators

Participation at Country level - Immersion experience Lima

Finally, after a long wait due to the pandemic, we were able to make the trip to Peru. Due to the visa difficulties experienced for the trip to New York

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